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End of year concert

Well – what a fantastic year! Congratulations to all of our students – your hard work, dedication and fun has certainly helped to progress you all this year.

It really has been a pleasure for all of us here (or should I say ‘hear’!) at Penguin Music School to watch and listen and equally a pleasure to be able to¬†share this with your parents, family, friends and guardians during our end of year concert!

Don’t forget we will be open during the Summer holiday months to keep that passion going and we hope to see many of you here for another fantastic term of musical fun. If you are wanting to book in for the Summer or have any questions do get in touch soon so we can start planning: info@penguinmusicschool.co.uk – or give us a call on 020 8800 8592

Here are some great snaps that were taken during the concert. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did – well done. If you do have any pictures do please share and remember to tag us on face book @Penguin Music School And Production.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kind regards,
Emre and all the music tutors here at Penguin Music School.

Fantastic Singing at the music school concert

Some more fantastic Violin playing by our students







Great Violin playing at summer school concert

Awesome piano playing








Great work on the Piano.

More great guitar work








Another fine violinist in the making

Duet with music tutor Emre in background - Guitar and Piano

















A fine student on the Piano at Penguin Music School

And vocals perfected through singing lessons














Duet - violins well rehearsed with tutor.

Fantastic Pianist in the making








And yet another great moment on the piano during the music school concert. Well done!

Great bit of action on the guitar from one of our pupils here.







Great work on the PianoAnd more great Piano playing here at the music school concert







Great playing on the guitar from one of our pupilsWith more fantastic Piano work on show


Lovely Violin duet

More great Violin work










Piano sounding wonderful

Great performance on the guitar as our music tutor Emre applauds!








Great duet on the Piano

Same duet, different angle! Fantastic Pianists playing and learning together









More great Piano work by one of our pupils here at the Music School

Beautiful bit of guitar work








A Young musician in the making. Well done!

Sounding wonderful on the Piano











Soulful guitar playing. A great sound.

Some wonderful Violin work going on and really fantastic singing








Some more wonderful piano

And one more great pianist learning and playing well









And a final rapturous applause for all your work this term – very much deserved and very well done. Remember to keep learning and practicing those instruments. Thanks once again, from all the music tutors here at Penguin Music School…


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